New Build

You are not up to buying an existing property because you feel that maybe the roof will have to repaired, the water heater replaced,.. Futhermore, none of the houses you found either have the right windows, the right terrace,.. Or else you just don't feel like having to redo the house's interior. In that case, you are probably better off seeking a house or an apartment off-plan!!!

In French this is called "VEFA", or "Vente en l'état futur d'achèvement". The purchase process for off-plan properties is more complicated than for existing homes, but at least you will be buying the house, or the apartment, YOU want.

With regards obtaining finance, there is little or no difference between buying an off-plan property and an existing home, and so if you are determined in buying an off-plan property, or have already signed a reservation contract, call Edwill Finance at (33) 615 51 77 35 and we will help you through the mortgage application process and with obtaining finance. Or else fill in below and we will call you straight away.

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